First, beisdes being an Over the Road truck driver and a veteran of the US Army, I was also once a chatroom moderator (or HOST as some know us) during the heddy days of America Online. Those were times when people could go into the rooms and enjoy themselves. At the time, we were moderators but sadly enough in todays times, common sense moderation has become outright censorship.

In the last few years, we have seen social media go from a fun place, where everyone looked forward to visiting friends and speaking freely to a place where people are starting to avoid. The large well known networks began censoring the content that its members would post if it didn't match their social or political agenda.

We have seen companies and even the sitting President of the United States of America banned from numerous platforms all because their views didn't coincide with their own. Those platforms claim that algorithms were written to control things but who controls how they are written? I think we all know the answer to that question.

So, I have opened this network to give people a place to go to freely speak what's on their minds without fear of censorship, mind control or reprisals. There will be common sense moderation and the terms of use will be enforced but none of what you are seeing on the other networks. It will be up to the members to do their own fact checking. At the same time if something questionable is observed or reported appropriate action will be taken.

People from both sides of the political aisle are welcome here but the harrassment as we are seeing on other platforms won't be tolerated. The moderation will be from a human perspective, not computer generated algorithms design by their writers to force their views on others.

So, in closing, this network as about expressing our own views without what we see elsewhere, hence, MY FREE VIEWS.